Eleplace 12.5-Inch Privacy Screen for Widescreen Laptop / Computer Monitor




Perfect for keeping your screen private, protected, and confidential!
This privacy filter keeps confidential and private information as just that — private! This screen utilizes privacy technology with optic-grade clarity ensuring only persons directly in front of your monitor or laptop can see images / data on the screen while still enjoying a crystal clear viewing experience. Nosy coworkers, competitors and/or wandering eyes will only see a black screen. An added benefit of an Eleplace privacy filter is that it will protect against scratches and prevents 96% UV and 99.9% LF-radiation to help protect your eyes.

Made for 12.5 inch screens
This privacy filter fits widescreen monitor and laptop computers with 12.5 inch screens (measured diagonally from opposite corners). Actual filter dimensions are 10.94 ” wide x 6.13″ high (277 mm x 156 mm). This filter is designed for screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (screens that appear more rectangular than square). Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with your computer’s aspect ratio as long as the diagonal, horizontal, and vertical measurements are the same as the ones shown in the 6th photo, the screen will fit.

How to measure screen size
1. Use a ruler to measure your computer screen. Do not include the screen frame in your measurements.
2. Compare the width and height with the filter dimensions. They are 10.94 ” wide x 6.13″ high (277 mm x 156 mm).
3. Choose the filter size that matches your exact measurements, or slightly smaller to ensure fit.

Package Contents
1. 12.5 inch privacy screen.
2. 1x Cleaning cloth
3. Double sided tape squares to adhere filter directly on screen [Installation Option 1 ] 4. Clear adhesive tabs to securely hold filter on screen [Installation Option 2] 5. Installation instructions for both options

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